Tenant Information

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Once you have chosen your property contact us and we will either pass on your details with your permission or we will give the landlords chosen contact information so that a viewing can be arranged.

When you have decided on your new home the landlord may request for a credit check this costs £48 Incl VAT each tenant. A Guarantor may also be required.

What is a credit check?

  • Credit check – An overview of the applicant’s credit history including any unpaid loans or bills. A credit check generally highlights any previous bad credit history.
  • Affordability check – we take a look at the income, or combined income in the case of more than one applicant.
  • Written employer reference – Ensures that the employer and salary stated in the tenant’s application are in fact legitimate. Employers are asked to provide a signed written statement confirming that the applicant is gainfully employed, and the salary they earn.
  • Previous landlord reference – Previous landlords (or agencies) will highlight any adverse behaviour or non-payment of rent that may show up in the credit report.

A guarantor is someone other than your tenant – normally a home-owner who guarantees that they will pay the standing tenants rent if they fail to do so. Guarantors are most commonly used where there are questions about your tenant’s ability to afford the agreed rent, and are normal for student landlords. If referencing shows questions around your tenant’s ability to afford the rent, you may choose to ask for a guarantor. They will also need to fill out an application at a charge of £48 Incl VAT.

How long does it take?

Credit check reports will be available shortly after your applicant has completed all required information, however obtaining references can be a little slow depending on employer and previous landlord willingness to comply. Generally references are finished within 48 hours. If it doesn’t look like your will complete within 48 hours, we will be in touch to update you.