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Property Let By Us offer an excellent level of service which helps reduce the amount of time taken to evict tenants.

Fixed Fees – Possession Claims

Step One – Drafting Notices: £66 plus VAT

Step Two – Possession Claims:

Accelerated Procedure (No rent arrears): £825 (Inc VAT & Court fee)

Court route** (Possession + Rent arrears): £990 (Inc VAT & Court fee)

Step Three – Eviction using bailiffs: £187 (Inc VAT & Court fee***)

**Additional charges may be payable depending on which court the matter is issued.
*** Court fee for warrant of possession to be enforced by court bailiff is £110

Claims for rent arrears/damage to property in Small Claims Court

These types of claims will be dealt with on an individual basis. From experience, no claim is ever the same. We will need to review the matter before agreeing a price with the landlord.

Advice on enforcing judgments obtained in the small claims by way of attachment of earnings/bailiffs action etc. will be discussed thereafter.

Tenant Tracing

Tenant Tracing: £45 plus VAT per person 

Rent arrears letters/letter before action

Cost to open file and sent letter to tenant and to report outcome to landlord: £27.50 plus VAT

Any subsequent pro forma letter charged at £11.00 Plus VAT.

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